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Relationships can be hard. Sex can be unfulfilling. Therapy can help.


Relationships. They are complicated, rewarding, infuriating, joyful occasions. If you feel like your relationship or your relationships aren’t going as well as they could be, therapy may help. Whether you have an idea of what’s going wrong or you haven’t got a clue, I can help you get a handle on what’s going wrong and work with you to help correct it.


Sex. Many couples struggle with their sexual relationship. It can feel frustrating, full of shame and anger, and it can seem hopeless to even try to change. A therapist can be the perfect person to help—they’re separate from your life and bound to confidentiality. However, it’s important to choose the right therapist.


Relationships. These can be difficult for everyone. I do not provide couples therapy, but I can work with individuals on how they relate to their partners. Men, in particular, often miss out on many of the lessons about relationships that would be most helpful. Many men were raised with the expectation that they would learn about sex and how to "pick up" a partner, but not how to relate with their partner the other 95% of the relationship. Therapy can help with that.

Sex. Some therapists believe that good regular therapy is good sex therapy—that what you need is just a good therapist. (That is true for a subset of sex problems, with easily identified psychological causes). However, sex therapy more often involves a particular set of skills and techniques that require training and experience to implement. Few things are as sensitive to the combination of psychological, biological, behavioral, and environmental factors as the sexual relationship. I work really well with men who struggle with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, compulsive pornography consumption, and men who feel shame about their sexuality or sexual characteristics. I also have extensive training in the Christian tradition and history with sex, so I welcome men who believe that their religious history has affected their sexual experience. I welcome people of all identities and orientations to my practice and commit to being a safe, nonjudgmental space for wherever your sexual journey has taken you.

Note: I do not offer couples therapy at this time.

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