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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I believe that healthy people build better worlds.  I believe that healthy people experience more joy, have better relationships, and work more creatively. Imagine if you took all the energy you spend managing your anxiety, fighting your depression, or returning to the same fights with your partner…and redirected it toward living more fully. Your life would be different.


For the past decade I've pursued education and training across the country to California, Texas, and Massachusetts, with the hope of helping young professionals and students thrive. Now that I'm back in my native PNW, I can do what I want to do: make the world a better place by helping the people who build it.  If you have great aspirations for your life, but think it could be going better, perhaps we should meet.

Licensed in WA (PY61003047) and MA (10682).

"The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there."

– Robert Pirsig


Boston University.png

Boston University

Staff Psychologist, Behavioral Medicine


University of Houston - Clear Lake

Clinical Internship, APA-Approved


Seattle Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Ongoing coursework & training


Climate Psychology Alliance - N. America

Current Member, ongoing training

Boston College.png

Boston College

Post-Doctorate Fellowship, Student Health Services

Fuller - edited_edited.png

Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

PhD, Clinical Psychology


Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Postgraduate Fellowship

I find it incredibly rewarding when I am able to connect those looking to improve their lives with those who can help them do so.


My goal is to provide a warm welcome to anyone starting (or continuing) their work towards a more fulfilling day-to-day.


Finding the right fit in a therapist can be an overwhelming process; it's helpful to know the person on the other end of the line (like me!) is working with you to help you get there.


Colorado State University Logo_edited.png

Colorado State University

BA - Psychology



Clinical Care Coordinator

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