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Men's health




Do you wonder if your job is the right one? How about your relationship? Whether your day-to-day reflects what you always said you care about? Do you regret not having more mentors, close friends, or dedicated time to figuring out what you really value? Do you worry that the rest of your life will be as directionless as it feels right now?


Perhaps some days you feel fine—others, you feel like quitting.

If you answered yes to any of these, you aren’t alone. Therapy can help.

Many men have no one with whom they can really talk about their worry, anger, doubt, guilt, and fear. I’ve worked with many men pursuing an advanced degree or in the first decade of their career, who question if they made a wrong turn. I've worked with men who feel lonely, unaccomplished, and unfairly treated. We can work together to untangle the many feelings you have about your career, relationships, and values. I can’t do this work for you, but I can guide the process.

Men have told me that therapy has helped them feel less anxious, less frustrated, and more effective in their relationships and at their jobs. It can work for you too. Therapy doesn't promise quick solutions, and neither do I (let's leave that to self-help articles and youtubers). Therapy takes work. However, if you're willing to put in the work, we can develop skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. “Teach a man to fish,” as they say.

Please Note: As a generalist psychologist, I have trained to work with folks of all identities, from all walks of life. If you do not identify as male, I welcome you to inquire about my services! My practice is especially well suited to the particular needs of men, as influenced by the psycho-socio-bio-political-cultural factors they often encounter, but I work with many women and non-binary clients too.

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