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Depressed man



Do you feel overwhelmed by news about climate change?

Do you feel like people around you just don't understand how bad it is?

Do you feel skeptical that anything will change, or hopeless to bring change about yourself?

Do reports of environmental disasters and looming threats to our planet make you feel anxious, helpless, or depressed?


You're not alone. Many people struggle with what's known variously as ecoanxiety, climate change anxiety, or environmental pre-traumatic stress.


Therapy can offer a space to explore these feelings in a supportive, validating, and non-judgmental environment. We'll work together to understand how our disrupted climate impacts your anxiety, the specific socio-environmental issues that most concern you, and how they impact your life. Whether it's a feeling of helplessness about the future, guilt over your own environmental footprint, panic about politics and industry, or just general worry about the state of the world, therapy with a climate-aware therapist like myself can help you manage these feelings effectively.

In our sessions we'll aim to empower you with coping strategies to deal with this anxiety. We'll explore ways to engage positively with environmental issues, find balance in staying informed and maintaining mental well-being, and build resilience against the overwhelming tide of negative news. It's about finding a way to care for the planet while also caring for yourself.

If you're struggling with anxiety related to climate change and environmental issues, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can navigate these challenges and find a path to a more hopeful and proactive state of mind.

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