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College Student



Your education is an enormous investment in your personal, intellectual, and professional future. It may be worth making the best of it. There are a lot of things that might blemish an otherwise great college experience:

  • Coping with depression, anxiety, or some other issue during college

  • Failing class, or not being able to manage your time & attention

  • Not being able to keep friends or romantic relationships

  • Feeling awkward and nervous at parties

  • Having panic attacks, test anxiety, or being unable to fall asleep

  • Feeling like everyone else knows themselves--but you don't

  • Having no clue what you want to major in

  • Not knowing what you want to do after college

  • Feeling like the smallest things set you off

  • Leaves of absence or not graduating with your friends


I used to work full-time at two top-tier universities: Boston University and Boston College. And I trained in college counseling centers in Texas and California before that. I have worked with hundreds of students to help them finish college—and to finish it well. I left college counseling due to the limitations of an on-campus clinic. The major limitation was one of resources: we served so many students that few students received the full care I thought each student deserved.


College counseling centers do their best given their Herculean task. However, if you want the best therapy for you (or for a student you care about), an independent clinician like myself may be able to provide the frequency and duration of treatment needed for lasting change. 

For many, therapy is one of the best ways to make college better.

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