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Depressed man



Do you find it very difficult to get out of bed?
Does it feel like you’re walking through mud?
Do you function well (enough), but everything feels exhausting?
Do you wonder if this is all there is and if it will never get better?
Have you ever wanted to destroy something good, just to start over?
Perhaps people would even be surprised that you feel depressed?

Perhaps you feel angry or irritable and others are starting to notice?

You are not alone. Many have expressed these exact thoughts and feelings during therapy with me.


Feeling depressed can be a miserable, isolating experience. It can be hard to believe that anyone would understand how you feel, especially if you are someone who is generally successful and functioning day to day.

Successful people often feel isolated by their depression. You get praised for your work. Praised for your intelligence. For your outgoing nature. But inside you feel...heavy. Stilted. Tired. Unfulfilled. Perhaps trying to get rid of this feeling has propelled some of your success—seeking a better job or a better relationship or a better-looking life on social media.

It can be scary for some to think of getting rid of this motivation. Somehow our culture celebrates having a chip on one’s shoulder. People think it is motivating or compels creativity. However, me and every therapist with whom I've consulted agree: improving your mental health frees the energy you were directing toward feeling down, and allows you to redirect it towards living a happy, productive, and increasingly joy-filled life.

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